Welcome To “The Sales Pro’s Bible” Book Website

Thank you for your interest in my upcoming book “The Sales Pro’s Bible” to be published by Motivational Press latter this year (Hopefully).

I plan to do numerous things in the way of promotions and events during the next months as I finish writing the book.

One of the things in the works is a FREE audio version of the book for subscribers and those that per-order. (Not a done deal yet, but in the works.)

Another, is we plan to do a launch when the book is released. During the launch, we are going to offer a Joint Venture promotion that will allow others to contribute content to a bonus package all launch purchasers of the book will receive.

I will be updating the website as soon as some of the other things start to formalize.

If this interests you, please subscribe to the mailing list below. This list will keep you updated on everything related to the book and the launch.